24 August, 2018


What is Big Data and what is it for?

Big Data was born with the objective of covering needs not met by existing technologies, such as the storage and processing of large volumes of data that have very specific defined characteristics:

  • Volume, refers to the size of the data that can come from multiple sources.
  • Speed, defines the speed with which data arrives using units such as tera, peta or hexa bytes.
  • Variety, we talk about data: Structured, Semi-structured, Unstructured

Big Data is increasingly common in the context of BI and Data Warehousing. The challenge revolves around how to obtain this potentially valuable data and integrate it with other data elements so it can make an impact for the business’ analysis.

Oracle Big Data shows you the way!.


Processing and data visualization

Business intelligence platform that offers a full range of analytical and reporting capabilities, that allows decisions to be made more efficiently because it produces more reliable data, immediately available and well structured, and with a very visual presentation.