6 September, 2018


IBM Info Sphere Warehouse

Pre-built solutions that allow organizations to gather, organize and approve all relevant information for the analysis of their main management indicators, applied to the following sectors: Banking, Finance, Greeting, Insurance, Retail, and Telecommunications.

  • Reduce the analysis and design requirements in more all 60%
  • Includes the main indicators of the industry which
  • Supports an average of 85% of the data of the organization
  • Reduce the time of business intelligence projects and data warehouse
InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Customer Insight

Total information of current Customers

InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Market and Campaign Insight

Market information and campaigns

InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Supply Chain Insight

Supply chain.

IBM Business Process Manager Pack

It is a set of predesigned assets to help accelerate the delivery of solutions based on standards, on the banking, ealthcare, and telecommunications BPM industry.
Each industry-specific package integrates seamlessly with the BPM components and offers a variety of predesigned assets to help accelerate and increase process optimization through the
delivery of BPM solutions.

IBM Business Process Manager Banking Pack:

Library of banking assets of the central bank, payments, customer service and comprehensive risk management.

IBM Business Process Manager Healthcare Pack:

Registration management, case management, employer, and group, claims management and professional collaboration

IBM Business Process Manager Telecom Pack:

Compliance, security, billing, cyclo-training processing with customers, inventories, catalogs, and livelihoods.