6 September, 2018

Analytics ASINE

ASINE Business Intelligence Financial:

Support for information and decision making in savings and credit financial institutions.

ASINE Business Intelligence Health:

Solution oriented 100% to the health sector of the EPS – IPS – secretaries, complete and dynamic for decision-making in the health service providers.

ASINE Business Intelligence Retail:

Analytical CRM for the Retail industry, accelerator based on the IBM Infosphere Warehouse Pack, which includes: Knowledge and customer loyalty, profitability and segmentation, among others.

ASINE Business Intelligence Compensation Funds:

It potentates the processes of family compensation funds, Supporting and providing information for making strategic decisions.

ASINE Business Intelligence Government:

Oriented 100% to the public sector, which allows monitoring, analysis, and control of government plans, seeking to efficiently support the processes of execution and compliance with the proposed objectives.

ASINE Business Intelligence Corporate:

Administration of corporate processes, generating information support for decision making in the different areas of the organization.

ASINE Business Intelligence Trust:

Administration of the fiduciary processes, generating support information for the decision making aligning with the strategic processes of the institution.

ASINE Business Intelligence Auto Insurance Information:

Potentates all the knowledge of the existing business in the ERPs that manage car insurance policies.

ASINE Business Intelligence Pension Fund Information:

Provides tools to support strategic decision making, based on the main KPIs of the Pension Funds industry


ASINE Test Tools

Support for software quality processes in data integration projects, providing tools that enable Testing processes in an easy and agile way, dramatically reducing test times.

ASINE Web Portal:

Fastest and easiest method to develop extraordinary web experiences on desktop, mobile and tablet platforms, guaranteeing great usability with Web technologies.