6 September, 2018

Solutions BPM

ASINE Infosphere Warehouse Pack Accelerator:

They are based on pre-built warehouses for advanced analytics from IBM: An improved version of these models, consolidating power level dimensions and implementation of ETL for all three models. (InfoSphere Warehouse Pack: Customer insight, market and campaign insight, Supply Chain).

ASINE BPM Asset Management:

A solution for the administration of assets, such as the goods received in payment. Using good practices of BPM (Business process management). Allowing an efficient and controlled operation with functionalities that guarantee and optimize the administration and sale processing, of the BRDP.

ASINE BPM Government

Public Budget..

With a BPM application focused on the business of managing budget control for the public sector your organization can improve in the following areas:

  • Modeling of processes for the entire lifecycle of the execution of budgets.
  • Measurement and monitoring.
  • Monitoring and visualization of reports (Data visualization) where the status of the processes and document flow are shown. (Availability, Purchase Orders, Money Orders, Money Orders, ETC)
ASINE BPM e-Commitments

Based on the best practices and strategies of IBM BPM, ASINE has developed a BPM solution to record incoming commitments from the meetings, which are carried out in the organizations.